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Municipal executive committee

The Executive committee helps the Mayor govern the municipality or the province and acts through resolutions.
It performs all the functions of the governing bodies, except those assigned by law to the council and falling within the jurisdiction of the Mayor or the decentralisation bodies according to the law or the statute. It helps the Mayor implement the general guidelines of the council. It annually reports to the council about its activity and is proactive. The Executive committee is also responsible for the adoption of regulations concerning the office and service system, in compliance with the general criteria established by the council (Art. 48, Leg. Decree no. 267 dated 18/08/2000).

Daniel Perrin


Name Description
Offices Coordinamento generale e lavori pubblici
EMail da.perrin@comune.torgnon.ao.it

Valeria Machet

Vice Sindaco

Name Description
Offices Urbanistica, trasporti ed istruzione
EMail v.machet@comune.torgnon.ao.it

Stefano Perrin


Name Description
Offices Turismo, commercio, sport e bilancio
EMail s.perrin@libero.it

Roberta Gyppaz


Name Description
Offices Agricoltura, ambiente e territorio