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Town council

"The town council is the administrative-political leadership of the local government. "
It is made up of the Mayor and a variable number of councillors, according to the number of inhabitants of the Municipality.
The areas under the jurisdiction of the Town council are defined in Art. 42 of Leg. Decree No. 267 dated 18/08/2000.
The town councils of the municipalities with more than 15,000 inhabitants are chaired by a president elected among the councillors. In the municipalities with less than 15,000 inhabitants, the council is chaired by the Mayor (Articles 37, 39 and 42, Leg. Decree no. 267 dated 18/08/2000), unless otherwise agreed in the statute.

Daniel Perrin


Name Description
Offices Coordinamento generale e lavori pubblici
EMail da.perrin@comune.torgnon.ao.it

Valeria Machet

Vice Sindaco

Name Description
Offices Urbanistica, trasporti ed istruzione
EMail v.machet@comune.torgnon.ao.it

Stefano Perrin


Name Description
Offices Turismo, commercio, sport e bilancio
EMail s.perrin@libero.it

Roberta Gyppaz


Name Description
Offices Agricoltura, ambiente e territorio